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Choke Me, Rip Me, Pull My Hair !
Wednesday, 11 April 2012 22:34

Categories: HD porn, Hardcore

About: Whether this chick is a fan of Xzibit or not, she's definitely heeding his call to get choked, spanked, and have her hair pulled in some good ol' hardcore, rough style fucking! But that's not all, as this chick is looking the part in her shiny latex pants and top, but her pants are not gonna make it through this scene as they're quickly ripped up so that cock can be rammed inside! This chick loves getting dominated, and her top also gets super dominated by getting torn up and fucked up from this hardcore dude! This chick should have known when going down into this beast's basement that she was about to get the rough and tough fucking of her life, giving her everything normal dudes can't give her and putting her in pure ecstasy until her vag gets blasted in cum! Hardcore and sexy, hdpornleech has got this shit covered!